NPTKD Newport and Penkridge Tae Kwon Do

While most people send their kids to a Martial Arts club for self defence and physical fitness, there are a number of other benefits it has to offer, especially for children.

At NPTKD we still take a traditional approach to running our Martial Arts club. Tae Kwon Do uses repetitive and deliberate motions which help kids develop their coordination and self control from the first class.

As they  get older it becomes more difficult for children to remain physically fit. Physical fitness should be fun and rewarding. Getting into good habits at a young age gives them a much better chance of staying healthy as they grow.


Junior Tae Kwon Do for 7-11yr olds

Limiting screen time is a great idea when it comes to getting kids off the sofa and encouraging them to be a bit more active. But it only goes so far. Enrolling inactive kids in into a physically demanding activity discourages a sedentary lifestyle. It also gives them an enjoyable activity that inspires them to keep moving.

Many parents find that Martial Arts can be a good alternative to team sports. In Martial Arts much more attention is paid to a child’s individual progress. Tae Kwon Do offers concrete and attainable goals in the form of its grading structure and belt colours.

The Tae Kwon Do syllabus contains complex looking routines called Patterns. Kids who are new to Martial Arts will often say “I cant do that!” In our Junior Tae Kwon Do class routines are broken down into smaller manageable chunks giving students a clear structure to follow, ensuring they are always progressing at a steady rate, often when gradings come around they’ll surprise yourself with how much they’ve  learned, how much improvement they’ve made.

The highlight of the TKD Training is receiving their new belts. This is a great confidence boost and also a great way to show kids how much they can achieve with some hard work and dedication.

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Newport Junior TKD (7-11yrs)

The Parish Rooms, New Street, Newport Shropshire. TF10 7AX

Juniors Tkd  – BeginnersThursday 4:30

Junior TKD Intermediate – Tuesday and Thursday 5:30

Newport Junior TKD (7-11yrs)

Lilleshall  Venue

Lilleshall Memorial Hall, Hillside, Lilleshall TF10 9GH

(Postcode brings you out further down the road from the venue)

Sundays 11:15am

Penkridge Junior TKD (7-11yrs)

Mixed Beginners and Intermediate. 

Monday and Wednesday 5:30

The Hatherton Hotel, Pinfold Lane, Penkridge Staffordshire. ST19 5QP

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