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What is Martial Fitness?? A New type of Group Fitness Class for Newport Shropshire

You don’t need to already be in good shape to attend a martial arts class. You don’t need to become a martial arts expert before you get in shape. A group fitness class makes getting in shape easier. Don’t tell yourself you cant do it, we have people of all ages and abilities working hard and getting fit in our classes in Newport, Shropshire.

Martial Fitness is a weekly workout that never gets old because you are always learning something new. If you’re looking to become a martial arts master in just a few classes it wont happen, but you surprise yourself with how quickly you progress. We teach the striking skills step by step so each lesson builds on the one before.

Group Training/ Personal Training?

The Number one reason people give up on exercise is simply boredom. Working out in the gym can be difficult without a personal trainer to look after you, which can get expensive. With the best will in the world working out on the treadmill, doing cardio can get boring, its repetitive, without a significant increase in dopamine levels in the body. Group classes and personal trainers can definitely hold you accountable and keep you on track. But why not just do a workout thats much more enjoyable?

One of the biggest misconceptions about fitness is that overly complicated routines are necessary to get in shape. Trainers at big gyms might emphasise complex looking coordination exercises with resistance bands and stability balls over basic cardio and strength training to discourage you from thinking you can do it yourself. There are some pretty simple cardio exercises which have been around forever, press ups and sit ups, bodyweight squats and burpees are hard work and very effective. 

To get fit and learn a new skill will require some commitment, motivation alone is usually not enough. We’ve found group training classes are the best way to stick to your new exercise regime. Your friends will make sure you attend classes with them and you’ll do the same for them.

Current class times are 10am Sundays. Lilleshall Memorial Hall, Hillside, Lilleshall. TF10 9GH (postcode brings you a bit further down the road)

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