Scottish Championships 2014 Road Trip

NPTKD at the Scottish Tae Kwon Do Championships 2014
– The 3 Tae Kwon Do Amigos –

3 brave fighting souls, 1 proud spectator-dad and 1 umpire/proud assistant instructor from Newport and Penkridge Tae Kwon Do made the epic journey up to the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility for the 2014 TAGB Scottish Championships on Saturday 6th September, although, the journey began the day before; for round 1 of our road trip to the facility!

NPTKD at the Scottish Tae Kwon Do Championships 2014
– Ready for Action!!! –



Our 5 hour traffic-laden journey up to the home of Scottish Tae Kwon Do seemed to flash by, whilst we were regaled with tales of Minecraft from our two Tiger competitors, munched on Celebrations and sandwiches, and got down to some serious talk about our sparring strategies. Even though, at 5 minutes into our journey, we were already on our first toilet break…Gordon (proud spectator-dad) “Oh Aaron, you don’t need the toilet do you?” Aaron (Tiger fighter) rather triumphantly, “Yep”! As though he’d broken some kind of needing the toilet record.


Check in at the hotel couldn’t come soon enough for the 2 young Tiger fighters, although we could all do with hitting the hay! Morning came quickly, and we all partook in a hearty sportsman’s breakfast to set us up for a day patterns, sparring, shouting, screaming, and officiating.


NPTKD at the Scottish Tae Kwon Do Championships 2014
– Junior International Sparring Bout –

The categories seemed to fly by, in a very well organised day. NPTKD managed to come away with a SILVER in black belt patterns, and BRONZE in sparring for Instructor Dan Moffat, and a BRONZE a piece in tag team sparring for Aaron and Connor Heath – two very brave Tiger fighters of blue/red belt pee-wee tag team “Aston Villa”. The two boys also had a very tough time in their individual sparring categories, deserving medals of their own for the level of indomitable spirit they both demonstrated after getting knocked down, only to get up stronger, sharper and more determined. Even through a bloody nose, Connor managed to finish his fight with his head held high and win the respect of his father who was blown away by his courage.


NPTKD at the Scottish Tae Kwon Do Championships 2014
– 3 Happy Competitors –

We all enjoyed the Scotch air, scenery, pies and sparring prowess. The Scots in particular are renowned for their keen fighting spirit, and our two young Tiger students, today, certainly gave them some competition in that department. The journey home was buoyant, with back seat ‘selfies’, conversations looking forward to future black belts, and…yes…more Minecraft!

NPTKD at the Scottish Tae Kwon Do Championships 2014
– Back Seat Selfies –



Thank you for having us Scotland. Thumbs up, for an excellent competition from NPTKD.

Post by Sarah Bratby of Newport and Penkridge Tae Kwon Do.

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